Fractions worksheet for grade 7

Fractions worksheet for grade 7
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What is a fraction?

A fraction is a number that expresses a part of a group.

Fraction is written in the form of a/b where a and are whole numbers and b is not equal to 0. The number a is called the numerator and the number b is called the denominator.

Types of fractions:

1.  Proper fractions: Fractions having numerator less than the denominator are called proper fractions

examples  3/8, 9/13 etc

2.  Improper fractions: Fractions having numerators that are larger than or equal to their denominators are called improper fractions.

examples: 8/3,   26/5, 4/4 

3.  Mixed Numbers: Numbers having a whole number part and a fractional part are called as mixed numbers.

examples: 4 3/5,  21/9

4.  Decimal Fractions: Fractions having denominator as 10, 100, 1000 or any other higher power of 10 are called decimal fractions.

example: 4/10,  26/1000 etc

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Topic: Fractions

Grade: 7

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