Lines and Angles Worksheet for Class 7

Premium  Lines and Angles Worksheet for Class 7
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Lines and Angles

Line: A-Line is a collection of points going endlessly in both the direction along a straight path. Example of line

Line segment: Line segment is also a part of the line but it has two endpoints.

A ray: A ray is also a part of a line. It begins from one point and travels endlessly in the other direction.

Supplementary Angles: Two angles are called supplementary if the sum of their measurement is equal to 1800 example: 1100 and 700

Complementary Angles: Two angles are said to be complementary if the sum of their measure is equal to 900

Adjacent Angles: When two angles lie on the opposite side of a common arm and have a common vertex, they are known as adjacent angles.
Linear pair: Two adjacent supplementary angles form a linear pair, e.g 1200 + 60 = 1800
Transversal: A Transversal is a line that intersects a set of two or more lines at distinct points.

Key Features
Topic: Lines and Angles
Topic:  supplementary angles, complementary angles, find the value of unknown angles and transversal 
Grade: 7
Type: pdf worksheet
Mock test: Available 
Practice question bank with the answer: Available 

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