Rational numbers worksheet for class 7

Rational numbers worksheet for class 7
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Rational Numbers

What are rational numbers? Rational numbers are those which are in the form of a/b where b should not be equal to 0 (zero)

Examples of rational numbers: 1/1,  -78/12 etc. 

Download class 7 Rational numbers worksheet in pdf form including questions based on numbers lines, equivalent rational numbers, the absolute value of rational numbers, simplifying rational numbers and arranging rational numbers in ascending or descending order. We have added all types of questions. Apart from that, we have added free online MCQ test on rational number chapter and extra [practice question bank with answer in pdf form which can be download or take a print.

Key Features:

Topic: Rational Numbers

Sub Topic: Rational numbers on the number line, equivalent rational numbers, etc

Grade: 7

Type: PDF Worksheet (pdf)

MCQ Test: Available

Extra practice question bank with the answer: Available (pdf)

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