Mastering CBSE Class 10 Black Aeroplane Extra Questions and Answers - 75 Questions

Mastering CBSE Class 10 Black Aeroplane Extra Questions and Answers - 75 Questions
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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on mastering CBSE Class 10 Black Aeroplane extra questions and answers. In this article, we have compiled a set of 75 questions specifically designed to help you enhance your understanding of this captivating story.

CBSE Class 10 English Literature includes a wide range of literature pieces, and Black Aeroplane is one of them. Written by Frederick Forsyth, this thrilling tale takes readers on a journey into the unknown, exploring themes of mystery, premonition, and the power of human intuition. Through these extra questions and answers, we aim to deepen your comprehension of the story, characters, and underlying themes.

Each question has been carefully crafted to challenge your analytical skills and critical thinking, encouraging a deeper engagement with the text. Whether you are studying for exams or simply want to expand your knowledge, these questions will serve as a valuable resource. So, join us as we delve into the world of Black Aeroplane and unlock its secrets. Get ready to soar to new heights with our CBSE Class 10 Black Aeroplane extra questions and answers!

Black aeroplane Summary

The Trip to England

The narrator was flying his aeroplane at night over France to England. He was eager to meet his family. He was dreaming of his holiday. The stars were shining in the clear sky. Even the city-Paris could be seen down below. He called Paris Control to get instructed about the way. He was instructed to turn 12 degrees West.


Fear of Storm

Everything was going well before he saw the storm clouds and Paris was about 150 kilometres behind him. It was natural for the narrator to panic. He knew that it was not possible to fly up and over those storm clouds. He was confused for a moment.


A Risky but Brave Decision of the Author

As everything was fearful at the moment, the narrator decided to risk and flew into the storm, but everything went out of control. The compass as well as other instruments stopped working. He was unable to see outside the plane as the plane was jumping and twisting in the air. He tried to contact Paris Control but couldn't. He was lost in the storm.


A Black Aeroplane Appeared

Suddenly, the narrator saw another black aeroplane in the storm by his side without lights on its wings. It seemed strange to him but he was glad to see another person in the storm.

The pilot of another plane waved at him and signalled to follow so he did that because he did not have other option except it.


A Safe Landing

The narrator flew for half an hour which was quite strange to him as he had fuel only for five or ten minutes. He felt fearful but suddenly he saw two bright lines in front of him. It was a runway. He was able to land safely which gave him a sigh of relief. It was just like a miracle for him.


The Greatest Surprise

The narrator came out from his plane to thank the pilot of the black aeroplane but he was shocked to see no one there. He went to Control Tower and asked the woman about the place and the black aeroplane. Hearing his words the woman laughed and said that there was no other aeroplane except his. It was a big surprise to the narrator. He was dumb founded as he had no explanation for the miracle.

The author of black aeroplane is Frederick Forsyth

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