A Question Of Trust Extra Question Answer: 90 Questions

Premium A Question Of Trust Extra Question Answer: 90 Questions
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Are you curious about A Question of Trust and eager to explore its depths? Our educational platform, WitKnowLearn, is the perfect place for students of Class 10 to find comprehensive answers and insights into this engaging chapter. A Question of Trust is a fascinating story in your Class 10 English syllabus, specifically found in Chapter 4 of the supplementary reader. It is a tale that combines elements of mystery and moral lessons, making it a captivating read for young minds.

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At WitKnowLearn, we understand how important it is for students to have access to clear and detailed explanations. That is why we offer a range of A Question of Trust Extra Question Answers and A Question of Trust Important Questions that are specifically tailored to help you grasp the nuances of the story. Whether you are looking for in-depth answers to complex questions or simple explanations to enhance your understanding, we have everything covered.

For those who are delving into A Question of Trust Class 10 Extra Questions, our platform provides a comprehensive collection of questions and answers that delve into every aspect of the chapter. This is ideal for students who want to go beyond the basics and truly understand the intricacies of the story. We focus on enhancing your analytical and critical thinking skills, ensuring you are well-prepared for any exam.

Moreover, if you are working on A Question of Trust Class 10 Extract Based Questions, WitKnowLearn offers specialized resources that focus on these areas too. Understanding and interpreting extracts is a crucial skill for examinations, and our resources provide clear and concise explanations to help you master this aspect of your studies.

In summary, WitKnowLearn is your one-stop solution for all queries related to A Question of Trust in Class 10 English. Our extensive collection of extra question answers, important questions, and extract-based questions are designed to make your learning experience both effective and enjoyable. Join us today and explore A Question of Trust like never before!

A question of trust class 10 summary

"A Question of Trust" is a story in Class 10 English that teaches an important lesson about honesty and trust. The story is about a man named Horace Danby, who is a good and respected person in society but has a secret life as a thief. Horace is not a typical thief, though. He only steals once a year and uses the money he gets to buy books, which he loves reading.

This year, Horace plans to steal from a big house. He does his research and finds out when the house will be empty. He breaks into the house to steal jewels but is caught by surprise when he meets a woman inside. The woman acts like she is the owner of the house and tricks Horace into believing her. She says she has lost the key to the safe and asks Horace to open it, pretending she doesn't know he's a thief.

Horace opens the safe, but instead of taking the jewels for himself, he gives them to the woman. He believes he is helping her, but in reality, the woman is also a thief! She uses Horace to get the jewels for her and then calls the police, making it look like Horace is the only thief.

The story ends with Horace being caught by the police and wondering how he was fooled. He realizes that he trusted the woman without question and that this trust was his biggest mistake. "A Question of Trust" shows how even a clever person can be tricked if they trust the wrong person. It's a story that makes us think about who we trust and why.

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